How can I help?

The period of postpartum adjustment is a humbling and unexpected journey that is unique for every parent.  As roles shift, the changes in your most important relationships, including with your partner, can make you feel as though you have lost your ground.  As a mother, your body makes an abrupt transition, as you are no longer pregnant and you have birthed a baby.  It is natural to have varied emotions about your new experience.  

Virtual Postpartum Therapy was created in deference to this transition, as a way to make parent’s lives just a little bit easier, particularly if you think you may be experiencing a Postpartum Mood or Anxiety Disorder (PMAD).  Please do not hesitate to call (703) 691 – 3578.  The process is designed to provide you with the greatest ease of access to psychotherapy services.  If we decide that you will need psychotherapy support at this time, sessions are provided online via VSee, which is a HIPAA compliant online therapy forum.

You do not need to manage everything on your own.  It is my goal to help connect to you the resources you need to manage this transition and, if needed, get the help you need for PMAD.  In our society we do not have the benefit of watching how other women give birth, transition to motherhood and tend to the tasks of mothering.  This can lead to feelings of isolation.  Please remember that PMAD is the most common complication of childbirth, so you are not alone.